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Physiotherapy clinics

Physiotherapy is more popularly known as medical therapy which helps a patient in the rehabilitation of various types of diseases and disabilities.

Physiotherapists have a better understanding of how the body works and helps the patient to recover from pain, injury, paralysis, ligament injury, neurological. Health is wealth and for maintaining good health people do many things like exercise, gym and dieting. But given the daily stress of our hectic lives, we really come across certain health issues like body pain, headache etc.
The Dr M V Shetty College of Physiotherapy out-patient department is spearheaded by therapists who are qualified professionals and post graduate and are well versed in delivery expert healing. The OPD provides treatment of all types of pain and issues like neck pain, hip and back pain, knee pain, paralysis, muscular pain frozen shoulder etc all under one single roof.
All the treatments are designed to reduce pain and swelling and to increase mobility and are always accompanied by expert advice for preventing the occurring of the problem again. Health and fit body is the mantra of happy life, however due to hectic schedules and stressful life, people suffer from body pain.
They conduct sessions for treatment which includes various state of the art techniques like heat radiation, heat therapy, ice therapy, massages, diathermy etc. The expert physios provide helpful workouts for back, neck, shoulder, feet and legs. This well programmed work outs and exercises definitely help the patients in getting quick relief from pains.
Quality physiotherapy treatment plays vital role in overall pain management of different types of issues and problems. Physiotherapy exercises are beneficial in healing the root cause of varied types of pains, that are caused by stiffness and damages.


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Conditions that affect muscles, joints, and soft tissues can be treated by musculoskeletal physiotherapy. If you have been suffering from joint, back or muscle pain for a long time and you want relief for a long time. So you can adopt Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

How can we help with musculoskeletal physiotherapy?

  •  Relieve
  •  Reduce your pain.
  •  Improve fitness.
  •  Help you prevent the recurrence of future injury.
  •  Help recover quickly and speed up your return to your normal activities.
  •  Prescribe exercises.
  •  It improves muscle strength and flexibility.
  •  Decrease swelling and inflammation.

The physiotherapist plans treatment accordingly, keeping in mind the patient’s condition and symptoms.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is related to injuries and issues during the game. Sports injuries are different from everyday injuries. Athletes generally require a high level of performance and demand on the body, which stresses their muscles, joints, and bones to the limit. Physiotherapists help athletes overcome sports injuries, and provide resources to prevent problems.

There are chances of many injuries during sports, such as muscle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries, ACL, torn MCL, shin splits, plantar fasciitis, elbow limb deformity, etc. Treatment includes sports physical therapy with appropriate medication to relieve athletes. Physiotherapy has proved useful in the rapid healing of sports injuries and is one of the most reliable forms of treatment. sports physios also provide athletes with education to prevent future injuries.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy includes problems and common neurological conditions within the nervous and neuromuscular systems of the body: functional neurological disorders. Stroke, CVA or TIA. Spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries are treated.

Neuro physiotherapy is dedicated to improving the ability of patients who have endured the physical impedance brought on by neurological conditions.

Specific causes of neurological problems vary, but genetic disorders, birth, TB spines, meningitis, infections, lifestyle or malnutrition, and environmental including brain injury, head injury, spinal cord injury or nerve injury are the common causes

People with neurological conditions require additional support, higher levels of care, and specialized equipment. It is very important for them to take physiotherapy, if it is not treated in time, it can prove fatal.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy is for the physical needs of infants, children, children, and adolescents. Physiotherapy is used for children who are affected by illnesses or injuries that cause acute injury or other problems from sports, genetic disorders, birth defects, developmental delays, trauma, muscle diseases, orthopaedic disabilities, etc.

The types of movement disorders, we help through Paediatric physiotherapy:

  •  Children are late in learning to sit, crawl or walk.
  •  W-seating or bottom shuffling or toe walking.
  •  Jumping/hopping or having ball skill difficulty.
  •  Infants and children get affected by their bones, joints or muscles.
  •  Children have arthritis and pain conditions such as arthritis, myositis, or chronic pain.
  •  Children with chronic respiratory conditions such as chronic fibrosis, bronchiectasis or primary ciliary dyskinesia.

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