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Kuloor – Kavoor Rd, Vidya Nagar,
Mangaluru – 575013

It is estimated that 10% to 12% of the Indian population suffer from problems related to Speech and Hearing. To serve the needs of this huge disabled population a large number of Speech and Hearing professionals are required. Recognising the need for the Speech and Hearing professionals in the country, the M.V. Shetty college of Speech and Hearing was started in the year 1990.

A landmark event In the growth and progress of Dr. M.V Shetty College of Speech and Hearing is the inauguration of the new specially designed three storied building on 4th March 2007 at Maladi Court road, Kavoor-575015. The new campus has helped in the integration of college and clinical services. A newly designed set of acoustically treated rooms will enable the college to provide state of the art diagnostic and rehabilitative services.

The College provides high quality services to the persons with Speech and Hearing Disorders. Everyday, on average 160 patients avail of the clinical facility provided by the College.In recognition of the services rendered by the college, The Rehabilitation Council of India which is the apex body governing the rehabilitation services and training in India, has given a Citation of “Very good performance” and expressed its approval of the work done in training the Speech and Hearing professionals in the Rehabilitation of the Speech and Hearing disorders.

Services provided at our Clinics are:

Department of Audiology:

*  Routine Hearing Evaluation

*  Paediatric Hearing  Evaluation with facilities to do BERA,ASSR,OAE,VRA

* Hearing aid trial and prescription

* Real ear measurements and Hearing aid analysis

* Hearing aid programming

* Ear moulds

* Hearing aid Repair

* Dispensing of hearing aids.

*Auditory Training

*Auditory Verbal Therapy

Department of Speech Language Pathology-

Assessment and Management of Speech and Language disorders in Children and Adults with:

– Autism

– Fluency disorders: Stuttering, Cluttering, Normal-non fluency

– Articulatory disorders

– Voice disorder: Puberphonia, hyper-functional voice disorders,

-Language disorder such as Aphasia, Dementia, Intellectual deficit, etc

– Motor Speech disorders (Dysarthria, Apraxia, Cerebral palsy, etc)

– Learning disabilities, etc

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