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Welcome to MV Shetty Physiotherapy Clinic, where your well-being is our priority. Experience the power of tailored therapies and professional expertise in restoring your mobility and strength

The Dr M V Shetty College of Physiotherapy out-patient department is spearheaded by therapists who are qualified professionals and post graduate and are well versed in delivery expert healing. The OPD provides treatment of all types of pain and issues like neck pain, hip and back pain, knee pain, paralysis, muscular pain frozen shoulder etc.. all under one single roof. All the treatments are designed to reduce pain and swelling and to increase mobility and are always accompanied by expert advice for preventing the occurring of the problem again. 

Sessions conducted for treatment includes various state of the art techniques like heat radiation, heat therapy, ice therapy, massages, diathermy etc. The expert physios provide helpful workouts for back, neck, shoulder, feet and legs. which ensures swift relief from discomfort. In addition to traditional physiotherapy techniques such as manual therapy, exercise prescription, and electrotherapy, the clinic also offers specialized services such as sports rehabilitation, pediatric physiotherapy, geriatric care, and pre- and post-operative rehabilitation. Whatever your age, condition, or fitness level, the clinic is committed to helping you regain mobility, strength, and function so you can live life to the fullest. Furthermore, Dr. M.V. Shetty Physiotherapy Clinic places a strong emphasis on patient education, empowering individuals to take an active role in their own recovery and long-term health.

With its unwavering dedication to excellence, compassionate care, and innovative approach to physiotherapy, Dr. M.V. Shetty Physiotherapy Clinic stands as a beacon of hope and healing for individuals seeking to overcome physical challenges and reclaim their lives. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or simply striving to optimize your health and performance, you can trust the expertise and commitment of our team to guide you on your journey to wellness.

Services We Offer

At Dr. M.V. Shetty Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer a range of specialized physiotherapy services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our patients. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering personalized care and achieving optimal outcomes.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Our musculoskeletal physiotherapy services focus on treating conditions affecting muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Whether you're recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition, our expert physiotherapists utilize advanced techniques to restore mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance overall function.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Our neurological physiotherapy services cater to individuals with neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and cerebral palsy. Through personalized treatment plans and innovative techniques, we aim to improve mobility, coordination, and independence for our patients.


Sports Physiotherapy

Designed for athletes and active individuals, our sports physiotherapy services are aimed at optimizing performance, preventing injuries, and facilitating rapid recovery. From customized rehabilitation programs to sports-specific conditioning, our dedicated team helps you achieve your athletic goals and stay at the top of your game.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Catering to infants, children, and adolescents, pediatric physiotherapy addresses a wide range of developmental, neuromuscular, orthopedic, and congenital conditions that affect movement and function. We offer individualized treatment plans tailored to each child's unique needs, incorporating play-based interventions, developmental activities, and family-centered care to promote optimal physical development, motor skills acquisition, and participation in daily activities.

Empowering Educational Institutions: Partnering for Student Well-being

Embrace a future shaped by excellence in education, guided by our renowned faculty, and enriched by state-of-the-art resources. Here, it’s not just about acquiring a degree; it’s about crafting a purpose-driven career and making a lasting impact in your chosen field. Join our esteemed community, where over 9000 students have found their educational haven and set their sights on a brighter future.


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